December 2019-ongoing

These are an ongoing set of color graphic scores for improvising musicians.  Designed for solos, duos, trios and quartets, instrumentation is open and various combinations are encouraged to suit groups of musicians who enjoy performing together. 

Two or more of these can be performed simultaneously by different instrumental groups.

Duo and Trio scores can also be performed on solo instrument by mapping different textures or techniques to each of the lines. 

This technique was first developed in Sarang Ga for solo clarinet, written for Vasko Dukovski, where each of the three colors mapped onto a different technique of the bass clarinet (mouthpiece noise, fundamental pitches, upper register openings). 

These pieces were first workshopped with Neither/Nor Ensemble in December 2018 and January 2019 and two of them, Blue-Red (performed by string trio) and Green-Organge-Pink (performed by vocal trio) were premiered February 5, 2019 by Neither/Nor at Berklee, Boston


Color Series - Graphic Scores

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