+ 1 is a solo piano piece conceived in mobile form with optional and exchangeable sections. Each section of this piece focuses on a discrete musical theme. Currently, the  piece is in three movements, but can be expanded as need be.

The first movement develops the concept of infinity in register; the second, infinity in a repeated note. The third movement explores infinity through chromatic descent: the first twelve measures each contain a different descending scale, while a labyrinth of other motives (“+1”) obscure and transform this infinite design into something else. This piece is dedicated with affection to my wife Nomi.

Composed 2006-7, San Diego, Darmstadt, and NYC

New York Premiere, April 6, 2007, Tenri, NYC

Richard Carrick-piano

In three movements

9 minutes in duration


∞ + 1

+ 1
third movement

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