Track 3 from the CD  -  Containment - Layered Piano Improvisations

Recorded by Richard Carrick in January 2002 at the Banff Centre for the Arts, Canada.

This music is also used for Dance, most recently by Catherine Tharin in NYC, February 2017.

Full CD Track Listings

  1. 1.The Line

  2. 2.Levity

  3. 3.Lemon

  4. 4.Stereo

  5. 5.2 and 4

  6. 6.For

  7. 7.Four

  8. 8.Slow Together (a.k.a. PIANOS)

Program Notes:

Each track on this CD is a layering of multiple improvisations I made throughout my three month residency at Banff. Each individual improvisation is both finished, in and of itself, and in need of another layer to be complete as a piece of music. I improvised layers of music, and layered them together on my laptop to make complete pieces out of them.

No improvisation was ever recorded while listening to a previously recorded improvisation. Nor were any improvisations edited (except for the backwards piano sounds on “Lemon”).

These improv’s were recorded inside my studio/hut, single microphone with a laptop computer. This ‘at home’ atmosphere allowed a gathering of improvised fluidity from week to week that could not be achieved with the constraints of recording during limited studio time.

Whenever I had something musical to say, I would say it. Usually it was a thin line, a strand of an idea, something incomplete as a piece, but complete in its idea. It couldn't go any longer, it was self contained, and something that could stand its ground no matter what else was being played along side it.

All improv’s go somewhere, some go quickly, but most go at a similar pace, and this is what ultimately unifies the layers, their balanced rate of evolution.

The last track, Slow Together, is also the pre-recorded part of the live improvisation piece entitled PIANOS for piano and CD playback.


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