Piano Trio - violin, cello, piano

In four Movements

2005, rev. 2007

Total Duration: 20 minutes

Recent performances by Longleash, John Popham, Renate Rohlfing, Pala Garcia

Program Notes:

I often base my works on non-musical concepts.  Composing for such a classical instrumentation, however, reengaged my ideas with 'absolute' music, and the possibility of incorporating new ideas into a more formal setting.  As both homage and a way to move beyond them, I developed ideas for each of these movements from my own impression of other composers "ideals." 

I -  Feldman and Varèse (6’)

II - Beethoven and Reich (3’)

III - Debussy and Ives (dedicated to Nomi) (4 1/2’)

IV - Ferneyhough and Barrett (4’)

Each movement may be performed separately.   

L’idée sans l’ideal was written in Dar es Salaam, Zanzibar, New York City and Redondo Beach from April to September, 2005. The second movement and revisions to the first movement were added in January 2007 in New York. 

Complete Premiere

January 26, 2007 in Scarsdale, New York by Andrea Schultz violin, Michael Finckel cello, and Richard Carrick piano.

Premiere of the movements I, III, and IV:

September 18, 2005 in New York City by the Cabrini Trio : Andrea Schultz-vn, Michael Finckel-vc, Christopher Oldfather-pno, for whom those movements were written. 


L’idée sans l’ideal

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