Richard has been combining video and live musicians since his graduate studies, and has created a number of works that explore the modality of audio and visual synthesis into a third genre.  Going beyond images with music, or music supporting video, these works are conceived with both visuals and music at the same time.  

The result is an time based experience rooted in the abstractness of music, with visuals that also transform and react to the music in the same way that the music reacts to itself. 

(All video by Richard unless otherwise stated)

Rwandan Images

Prisoner’s Cinema

European Images

Solidarity (a film by Nancy Kiang)

Cosmicomics (video by Peter Nigrini)

The Fall


Spinning Flowers

“Ruby, my Dear”

Linear Intersections

Tricologic Technolage

Richard Carrick’s Cosmicomics



organic, restless, unruly..

The New York Times

Prisoner’s Cinema


New York Arts

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