Original quartet version
for violin, cello, piano, vibraphone (with woodblocks). 16’
Jennifer Choi-vn, Alex Waterman-vc, David Shively-vibs, Richard Carrick-pno
Written for Either/Or Spring Festival, 2007.
April 7, 2007, Tenri, NYC

“Mr. Carrick has penned a sheaf of short sections totaling roughly fifteen minutes, each using different materials that are somehow related by his treatment of them, rather than the raw elements themselves.  A rough-hewn ostinato fades into delicacy.  An innocuous beginning lurches into an intense climax.  Tiny wisps, seemingly fluttering directionless, suddenly reach a furious conclusion.  Delicate tapping sounds again seem to hover on the edge of some chasm overlooking a world of quietude.  Open-stringed intervals have the resonance of an ancient chant... for what I heard as one of Carrick’s most intriguing, enigmatic and eloquent constructions.” _Bruce Hodges

program notes
Qualia is a controversial term borrowed from philosophy of mind literature that deals with experiences and human consciousness. When someone has an experience, qualia are the qualitative (what does it feel like) features of their perceptions, beyond the quantitative or particular facts of that experience. Over extended periods of time, it has been shown that people might remember the qualia of an experience very well, while remembering few of the specific details. In this case, the title refers to the intriguing point of transformation: when memory of an experience (or, analogously, a musical idea) that was formed as a function of discrete details is increasingly retrieved as a function of qualia that were simultaneously encoded.

This work is in a number of sections, each with its own identity. What unifies these parts is not a similarity of material, but rather a similar approach to developing the different starting points of each section, which are each based on a unique sound.

composed 2007, Oberlech and NYC, sextet version February 2008 in NYC


Towards Qualia

Towards Qualia Quartet

3 minute excerpt

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