DISCOGRAPHY of Carrick’s music

(Discography of Carrick performing the music of others and Publications listed below)

Richard Carrick: Cycles of Evolution

New World Records, 80759-2

March 2015

Available on iTunes, New World Records, Amazon

1. Namdaemun - Musicians of the New York Philharmonic

2. Dark Flow - Either/Or and Ensemble Son

3. The Veins of Marble - Either/Or

4. Sub-merge - DZ4

5. Prisoner’s Cinema - Hotel Elefant

6. Adagios for String Orchestra - Toomai String Quintet and String Orchestra of Brooklyn

Richard Carrick, conductor and piano

Richard Carrick: Stone Guitars

New Focus Recordings FCR 149

July 2014

Available on iTunes, Amazon, New Focus Recordings

1. Dawn
2. Babylon
3. Intimate Spaces

4. Stone Guitars
5. One
6. Astral Projections

7. Winter Guitars
8. Molten
9. Sinking
10. Granite
11. Undersea

Richard Carrick’s Notebook, Bedside

Soundscape: Tony Arnold, Tom Rosencranz, Aiyun Huang

Inflorescence: Music from Soundscape

New Focus Recordings, FCR 140

November 2013

Available from iTunes, New Focus Recordings

  1. 1.Notebook Bedside

in five movements

Richard Carrick’s A-KA

for 4 electric guitars

I Never Meta Guitar Too, compiled by Elliott Sharp

Cleenfeed Records, CFG006

January 3013

Available from iTunes

  1. 1.A-ka

Richard Carrick: The Flow Cycle for Strings

performed by Either/Or

New World Records #80719

August, 2011

available: iTunesAmazon, New World Records

  1. 1.“in flow”

  2. 2.Shadow Flow

  3. 3.Moroccan Flow (unfolding from unity)

  4. 4.Duo Flow

  5. 5.“à cause du soleil” Flow Trio


music for film by Nancy Kiang
DVD release in Australia, 2007

Complete soundtrack

Richard Carrick’s Slowness

Don’t Panic! 60 Seconds for Solo Piano - Guy Livingston
Wergo Records, WER 66492

Released 2001

available: Wergo

  1. 1.Slowness

Richard Carrick’s Masculin-Feminin

Dedications to János Négyesy and Päivikki Nykter - Works for Two Violins
Aucourant Records, AUREC0010-1

Released 2000

Available: iTunes (track 25)

1. Masculin - Feminin

Containment - Layered Piano Improvisations

Extensive improvisations recorded over a 10 week residency at Banff Centre for the Arts. Self Released.

  1. 1.The Line

  2. 2.Levity

  3. 3.Lemon

  4. 4.Stereo

  5. 5.2 and 4

  6. 6.For

  7. 7.Four

  8. 8.Slow Together

DISCOGRAPHY of Carrick’s performances

Iancu Dumitrescu: Live in New York with Either/OR

2017, Editions Moderne #1036

Either/OR, Richard Carrick conducting six world premieres: Black Holes’ Collision, Hyperspectres, Cosmic Pulse II, Unstable Molecules, and as pianist on Pierres scarées II

Elliott Sharp - Tranzience

New World Records 80778-2 -  Venus & Jupiter - with Either/Or, Richard Carrick piano 2016

Miya Masaoka - Triangle of Resistance

Innova 945 - The Long Road - 2016

Richard Carrick conducts Triangle of Resistance for Strings and Percussion with Jennifer Choi, Esther Noh, David Wallace, Alex Waterman


Mixed, Modern, and Eclectic: Richard Carrick and David Wallace Discuss Composing for Viola in Today’s New Music Scene

Journal of The American Viola Society

December, 2013

The Music of ‘Flow’

by Richard Carrick

The New York Times

Opinionator Column, April 19, 2013

A Personal Relationship to the Art of Music: A Research Project in Progress From the New York Philharmonic’s School Partnership Program

by Richard Carrick, Hilary Easton, Jihea Hong, Rachel Langlais & Richard Mannoia

Teaching Artist Journal, Vol. 10, Issue 3, ISSN: 1541-1796 (Print), 1541-180X (Online)

July 2012

preview text

Implications of Infinity: Richard Carrick’s The Flow Cycle for Strings

by George Lewis

New World Records linear notes, August 2011

The New York Philharmonic’s Very Young Composers Handbook

Richard Carrick, co-author

April 2011

“Young Americans” by Mika Pelo

Featured Composer Richard Carrick in the Swedish Journal Nutida Musik Journal

May 2008

"The Multi-Media Challenge" by Randy Nordschow, vol. 22, no. 6, p.28.

Featured Composer Richard Carrick in Chamber Music Magazine

Published by Chamber Music America, December 2005


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Richard Carrick, in-depth interview by Daniel Vezza

Composer Conversations

Podcast, April 2013

for complete audio click here

Robert Ashley video interview

by Richard Carrick

Interpretations Series, April 2012

Jin Hi Kim video interview

by Richard Carrick

Interpretations Series, November 2011

George Lewis interviewed

by Richard Carrick

Interpretations Series, September 2011

Spotlight Session, “In the Zone with Richard Carrick.” 

Richard Carrick in video interview with Molly Sheridan.

Published by April 22, 2010

Working with Video: A Primer

by Richard Carrick

Published by July 19, 2005


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