5 minutes, 2015.  For solo violin.

Score available from PSNY

Seogneum is a solo violin piece, written for a collaboration with choreographer Miro Magloire for moving violinist and dancer, entitled Trust.

Premiered by Lauren Cauley, February 18 and 19, 2016 in Brooklyn NYC

Commissioned by Periapsis Music and Dance

Seongeum is a Korean Pansori vocal style.  

The rich Pansori tradition is performed by a solo singer/storyteller who sings a lengthy Korean Folktale story, accompanied by a Janggu (hourglass drum) performer.  Unlike the subtle movement and simple theatrical elements used, the vocal style is vast in its techniques and expansive in its range, from high sustained laser beam falsetto to deep low vibrato and inventive metric articulation of the text.

I hear the violin as a similarly expressive instrument, where the sonic nuances of bow articulations and finger techniques (glissandi, trill, etc) are the primary sources of its expressivity, with notes a distant second.  Therefore, I was interested in translating Pansori vocalizations to the violin.  

The fourth section of this piece is a transcription of Chun Hyang G-Jajin Sarang ga, a popular Pansori love song.    

This score uses a mix of Korean instrumental embellishment techniques and Western techniques.

성음 Seongeum

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