Violin, Bass Clarinet, Cello, Piano, pre-recorded nature sounds.  2010/11

duration: 7’

Premiered by Redshift on June 29, 2011 in Galapagos, Brooklyn. 

Program Notes:

Sonic Tapestry Communications captures fictitious conversations between animal sounds found in the audio track entitled "Bears" by Kathy Turko with a small catalogue of iconic sounds I composed for each instrument in the Redshift quartet (violin, bass clarinet, cello, and piano sometimes played with guitar picks).  There exists a rich 60-year history of music composed for live musicians with fixed media.  One essential issue that keeps returning in this history is spontaneity: finding ways to make the fixed part sound as spontaneous as the performing musicians. 

In this work I imagine each composed sound in conversation with an animal sound on the tape; ranging from individual sounds, to conversations of sounds, to tapestries of conversations.   This piece was written in October 2010, commissioned by Redshift, and is dedicated to my maman. 

Sonic Tapestry Communications

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