Fromm Foundation Commission.

Written 2014 for the MiVOS String Quartet.

Premiere May 23, 2015 DiMenna Center, NYC

In four movements.  20’

Program Notes:

I find the physical barriers of space travel fascinating.  For this new string quartet my speculative interest focused on three notions of the physical.  Drawing parallels to Newton’s three laws of motion, point, velocity and acceleration, Space:Time has three layers of intensifying activity in musical sounds. 

The first movement, claustrophobia, captures a metrically rigid yet evolving musical landscape, starting in the upper stratosphere and capturing specific points in time.  The second movement, gravity, gently bounces two pitches in counterpoint across all registers.  And the third movement, space travel, approaches the concept of acceleration by putting meter, wavelike gestures, and each of the four instruments through constantly intensifying (and then relaxing, it is a palindrome!) music.  The final Coda - into the light, is an homage to the music of Horatiu Radulescu.

This piece was made possible by a grant from the Fromm Music Foundation.  It was written for the MiVOS Quartet, with my huge respect and gratitude. 


String Quartet #2 - Space:Time

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