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    2019, 8 min

    for Flute, Bass Clarinet, Violin, Trombone, Piano and Resonant Bells with

        Audience Participation

    Premiere January 29, 2019, Either/OR, Miller Theatre, NYC

Sarang Ga

    2019, 8 min

    Bass Clarinet with Piano

        Premiere January 29, 2019, Vasko Dukovski and Carrick, Miller Theatre, NYC

Israel Trilogy

    Makhtesh Ramon, 4 min

    Jerusalem, 5 min

    Akko, 6 min

    2019, 15 min total

    large ensemble (open instrumentation, to include Voices, Strings, optional Winds

        Percussion, E Guitar, Piano)

    Premiere February 5, 2019 Neither/Nor Composer Ensemble, R Carrick cond.

        Berklee, Boston

Color Series

    2019, 2-6 min each, 60+ min

        Set of graphic scores for solos, duos and trios and other combinations. 

        Each piece duration 2-6 min. Instrumentation left to the performers. 

        Can be performed in combination with other graphic scores, piano preludes,

        or other short works.

    Premiere of

        Blue-Red with Violin, Cello, Bass, and

        Green-Orange-Pink for Three Voices (alongside Aigues Mortes)

    February 5, 2019 Neither/Nor Composer Ensemble, Berklee, Boston


Space-Time - version for Electric Guitar and String Quartet

     2014/8, 16 minutes

     Fromm Foundation Commission

     Premiere October 6, 2018, MiVOS String Quartet and Nadav Lev

     Israeli Composer League, ISRAEL

     Published by PSNY

La Pedrera

    2018, 5 minutes

    Piano Prelude #6

    Shira Legmann, Musica Nova, Tel Aviv-Jaffo, ISRAEL

la memoire, carrousel, Aigues Mortes, Pont du Gard

    2018, 16 min

    Piano preludes

    Pre-premiere March 22, 2018, R Carrick, NYC

    Premiere, October 10, 2018, Angela Kim, Boston


    2018, 8 min

    solo Bass Flute

    Premiere March 22, 2018, Margaret Lancaster, NYC

    Published by PSNY

Sarang Ga

    2018, 8 min

    solo Bass Clarinet

    Premiere March 22, 2018, Vasko Dukovski, NYC


    2018, 5 min

    Bass Clarinet and Bells in Piano

    Premiere March 22, 2018, Vasko Dukovski and R Carrick, NYC



    2017, 7 min

    Haegeum 해금, Gayageum (12 string) 산조 가야금, and  Ajaeng (8 string)   아쟁

    Violin, Cello, and Flute

    Premiere October 27, 2017, Contemporary Gugak Orchestra (Seoul) and

    New York New Music Ensemble

    Pacific Rim Festival, Santa Cruz, CA


    2017, 10 min

    large ensemble

    Premiere September 14, 2017, Hyperion Ensemble, R Carrick cond.

    Enescu Festival, Bucharest, ROMANIA


    2017, 1 min

    Cello and Piano

    Premiere July 18, 2017, by Diana Ligeti and Nathan Brandwein,

    Ecoles d’Art Americaines de Fontainebleau, FRANCE

    Published by PSNY

Natural Duo

    2000/17, 3 min

    Violin Duo

    Premiere October 27, 2017 by String Noise Pauline Kim and Conrad Harris

    Published by PSNY



    2016, 3 min

    large improvising ensemble

    Premiere November 26, 2016, Hyperion Ensemble, Iancu Dumitrescu cond.,

    London, UK

Rwandan National Anthem

    New Official arrangement for the Rwandan Military Band

    80 players: clars, b clar, sop saxs, alto saxs, tenor saxs, bari saxs, bass saxs, tpts, flugel horns, horns, tbnes, b tbnes, euphoniums, baritones, tubas, sousaphones, timpani, bass drum, xylophone, snare drum, crash cym, sus cym.

Rwandan Images

    2016, 11 min, collaboration with Dan Weinstein

    Solo Cello with Video and pre-recorded Cello and Bird sounds

    Premiere May 14, 2016 by Dan Weinstein of Musica Nova, Tel Aviv-Yafo, ISRAEL

Les Ciels de Kigali

    2016, 3 min

    Piano Prelude, with four quarter-tone retuned notes

    Premiere May 19+23, 2016 by Marilyn Nonken in Boston and Roulette NYC


    2016, 5 min

    Excerpt from The Dragon’s Fire

    Orchestra and piano soloist, 2222 2201 strings perc timpani

    Premiere March 31, 2016, Injyanga Orchestra, Lance Gaskill orch, Kigali, RWANDA


    Solo Violin

    2016, 5 min

    Premiere February 18 and 19, 2016 by Lauren Cauley in NYC

        Published by PSNY


    2016, 5 min

    Solo Violin and solo Dancer

    Collaboration with choreographer Miro Magloire

    Premiere February 18, 2016 Periapsis Music and Dance,  Brooklyn, NYC



    2015, 8 min

    Solo Violin and two Dancers

    Collaboration with choreographer Miro Magloire and New Chamber Ballet

    Premiere November 19, 20, 2015, City Center in NYC

Seoul morning, Kigali morning 서울의 아침, 키 갈리의 아침

    2016, 10 min

    Piri, Haegeum, Daegeum, and Ajaeng

    Premiered April 2016 at the Pacific Rim Festival Workshop, Santa Cruz

    and Casa Italiana, Columbia University, NYC

la touche sonore sous l’eau

    2015, 8 min

    Solo Piano

    Premiere January 27, 2016 by Marilyn Nonken, U Penn, Philadelphia

        Published by PSNY

Adventures in the Enchanted Forest: Part One: The Dragon’s Fire

  2015, 35 min.

  Collaboration with Storyteller Bill Gordh

  Originally scored for Flute, Violin, Cello, Piano, Percussion, Narrator, Dancer.

  Choreography by Lydia Chrisman

  Premiere June 6, 2015, by Carrick, Gordh, Chrisman, and Turtle Bay Faculty.

    Turtle Bay Music School Production

    with support from Exploring the Metropolis. 


String Quartet #2 – Space-Time

     2014, 16 minutes

     Fromm Foundation Commission

     Premiere May 23, 2015, DiMenna Center, NYC

     MiVOS String Quartet

    Published by PSNY


    2014, 5 min

    Flute, Clarinet, Oboe, Horn, Trombone, Percussion, 2 Violins, Viola, Cello, Bass

    Premiere May 31, 2014 Merkin Hall, by the New York Philharmonic

    and Carrick, conductor

    on the New York Philharmonic Biennial Festival



Prisoner’s Cinema

   2013, 12 min

   2 Flutes, 2 Clarinets, Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass, Piano, E Guitar, opt Video

   Premiere September 23, 2013 by Hotel Elefant, conducted by Richard Carrick

Dark Flow - Double Quartet

   2013, 12 min

   Violin, Cello, Piano, Cimbalom, Alto Saxophone, Trombone, Guitar, and


   Commissioned by Musik y Syd and Swedish Arts Council

   Premiere on tour October 9, 2013 by Either/Or and Ensemble Son at Roulette, NYC

      and on tour in Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Malmoe and Stockholm. 



    2013, 7 minutes

    Piano solo, Oboe, Bb Clarinet, Horn in F, Bassoon

    Premiere January 31, 2013, NYC

    Richard Carrick - piano and DZ4 members Brad Balliett, Alicia Lee,

    Alma Maria Liebrecht and Arthur Sato


    Published by PSNY

The Veins of Marble

   2000, rev 2013

   Commissioned by the Nieuw Ensemble

   Selected for the World Music Days, 2004

   2000 version for Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Piano, Mandolin, Guitar, Harp, Percussion,

      Violin, Viola, Cello, and Bass. 

   2013 version for Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Piano, Cimbalom, Percussion, Violin, Viola,

      Cello, and Bass.


Memory from Time

    2012, 11 minutes

    Improvising Quartet : Electric Guitar, Komongo, Viola, Doublebass

    Premiere December 22, 2012, NYC

    Richard Carrick - Electric Guitar, Jin Hi Kim-Komongo,

    David Wallace-Viola, James Ilgenfritz-Doublebass

Orgo - Cage 100 Party Piece

    2012, 1 min

    Oboe, Bassoon, Trumpet, Trombone, Vibraphone, Accordion, Piano, Violin, Viola,

       and Cello

    Written for FZML (Leipzig)

    Premiere August 31 2013 in Germany

    and New York City by Either/Or, conducted by Richard Carrick


    2012, 11 min

    Saxophone Quartet, Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Baritone

    Commissioned by The New Thread Saxophone Quartet

    Premiere March 16, 2012, Tempe, Arizona at the

    North American Saxophone Alliance Biennial Conference

        Published by PSNY

Notebook, Bedside

   2004, rev. 2012, 16 min. in five movements

   Soprano, Percussion, Piano

   Text by Tojun,Bufu, Toko, and the composer

    Premiere March 2004 by Either/Or in New York City

    Premiere of revised version April 2012 by Tony Arnold and SoundScape in Baltimore

        Published by PSNY

        Available on iTunes: Tony Arnold and Soundscape

Family Resemblances

    1997, rev. 2012, 8 min

    For Soprano Saxophone, Piano, Percussion

    1997 version titled FmlrSmblNcs, for Oboe, Piano, Percussion

    Written for Nouvel Ensemble Moderne and Royaumont Voix Nouvelles

    Premiere (original Oboe version) September 21, 1997

        by Nouvel Ensemble Moderne in Royaumont, France.

    Premiere Sax Version, April 14, 2019, Patrick Stadler and WuXian Ensemble,

        Sound Now Festival, Singapore


Stone Guitars CD

1. Dawn

2. Babylon

3. Intimate Spaces

4. Stone Guitars

5. One

6. Astral Projections

7. Winter Guitars

8. Molten

9. Sinking

10. Granite

11. Underwater

   2011, 52 min

   for Multi-track Electric Guitars

   Released July 2014 as Richard Carrick:Stone Guitars on New Focus Recordings, FCR 149


   2011, 4 min

   Electric guitars

   Available on iTunes: I Never Meta Guitar 2, compiled by Elliott Sharp


   2011, 5 min

   String Orchestra

      Published by PSNY



   2011, 5 min

   String Orchestra

      Published by PSNY


Adagios for String Orchestra

   2011, 16 min

   String Orchestra, in four movements

      Published by PSNY



Sonic Tapestry Communication

   2010, 7 min

   Violin, Cello, Bass Clarinet, Piano, CD Playback of nature sound recordings

Stone Guitars

   2010, 16 min

   Solo Electric Guitar and pre-recorded electric guitar quartet

Stone Guitars

   2010, 16 min

   String Quartet and pre-recorded electric guitar quartet

Adagios for String Quintet

   2009/10, 16 min, in four movements

   2 Violins, Viola, Cello, Bass

   commissioned for the Toomai String Quintet

      Score published by PSNY



   2010, 2 min

   Flute and Piano

   Commissioned by Calliope Duo


   2010, 12 min

   Live Pianist and pre-recorded piano

Stone Organ

   2010, 12 min

   Live Pianist and pre-recorded piano

Les Scènes Acoustiques

   2009/10, 12 min

   Solo Classical Guitar

   Commissioned by  Magnus Andersson


Adagios for String Quartet

   2009, 16 min, in four movements

   2 Violins, Viola, Cello

   Commission for the JACK Quartet [2009, 14 min]

   Score published by PSNY


la scène miniature quartet

   2009, 8 min

   Violin (or Flute), Tenor Saxophone (or Bass Clarinet), Piano, Cello (or Musical Saw)

Score available from PSNY

la scène miniature

   2009, 8 min

   Piccolo, Cello

   Commissioned by Carin Levine and Rohan de Saram

Score from PSNY

“a cause du soleil” Flow Trio

   2009, 12 min

   Violin, Viola, Cello

   Score from PSNY

   CD available from iTunes


Find the Devil’s Lead

   2008, 15 min

   Commissioned by Wet Ink Ensemble

   Soprano, fl, clar, t sax, accordion, e guit, tpt, perc, vn, va, vc

Find the Devil’s Lead - orchestral version

   2008, 12 min

   Orchestra 3333 4221 2perc strings

Towards Qualia Sextet

   2008, 14 min

   Flute, tenor saxophone (or bass clarinet), violin, cello, piano, vibraphone) 

Hamsah “Quartet”

   2008, 8 min

   String Quartet and offstage Trumpet

   Commissioned for the Hoff-Barthelson Contemporary Music Festival

Moroccan Flow (unfolding from unity)

   2008, 10 min

   Solo Cello

   Score from PSNY

   CD available from iTunes


European Images

   2007, 12 min

   In three movements: Swedish Water, Franfurt Window, Holland Train

   Solo Cello with video with pre-recorded audio

Towards Qualia

   2007, 16 min

   Violin, Cello, Piano, Vibraphone

Shadow flow

   2007 10 min

   Solo Viola

   Score from PSNY

   CD available from iTunes


   2007, 15 min

   Commissioned by Riot

   Saxophone, Electric Guitar, Accordion

Duo Flow

   2007, 12 min

   Violin and Cello

   CD available from iTunes

Nezilat ha Balagan

   2007, 12 min

   Violin and Doublebass with improvisation

   Commissioned by Mary Oliver and Rozmarie Heggen

L'idée sans l'deal

   2005, rev 2007, 20 min, in four movements

   Piano, Violin, Cello


∞ + 1

   2006/7, 9 min

   Solo Piano

Shadow fragments

   2006, 10 min

   Solo Viola

"in flow"

   2006, 8 min

   Solo Violin

   Score from PSNY

   CD available from iTunes

Manic, Frustration, Music Box, Pinocchio and Fiona, Cabaret

   2006, 10 min

   Set of 8 Piano Duets for young players 9 and up



   2005, 30 min

   Based on four Italo Calvino Stories

   In Four Movements and Three Interludes

   Male singer/narrator, Flute, Oboe, Bass Clarinet, Violin, Viola, Cello, Trombone,

   Percussion, Multiple Video, Electronics
   Peter Nigrini - video artist


   2005, 10 min

   Clarinet, 2 Violins, Viola, Cello, Percussion

   Music for a film by Nancy Kiang

   The Gold Medal for Excellence at the Park City Film Music Festival 2007.

   The Mayor's Award of the Heart of Gold International Film Festival 2006, AUSTRALIA

Two Moments for Orchestra

   2005, 9 min

   Orchestra 2222 2200 2perc, strings

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